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Toronto Head Lice Removal

We use an all natural approach - NO PESTICIDES - as there is a danger that pesticides can be toxic and a health risk in themselves. In addition, head lice are often found to be immune to the pesticides that are commonly used.

As parents ourselves, we are empathetic to your family's needs and to the safety and health of your children. 

We have clients of all ages!

We are currently doing in-house appointments only

at our location on the Central East side of Toronto.  

7 days a week, including Holidays!

So, don't have one more 'lousy' day...

Contact us now!

Text:  Gina - (416) 616 9624  (Text only please.)


Email:  gina@torontoheadliceremoval.com 


  • Reliable, professional head lice removal
  • Years of experience (since 2004)
  • Affordable, speedy results
  • Less school and work time missed
  • All natural treatment - and it works!
  • School-wide lice screening
  • Day care screening
  • Parental training for screening and treatment 

     We accept:


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 Proudly serving: Toronto, East York, North York, The Beaches, 

Scarborough, Thornhill, Richmond Hill

Since 2004!


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