During the first five years that my daughter went to school the 'lice letters' would come home with her.

I threw them out, of course - thinking we would never get lice! My family is clean!


I was helping my daughter with her homework one evening when she was in grade three, and I noticed she was scratching her head quite a bit. When I parted her hair with my fingers I discovered there were bugs everywhere!

I freaked out!! 

My daughter had head lice! And not just a few, but hundreds. I ran immediately to the drugstore, bought the pesticide shampoo and followed the recommended treatment. A day or two later...it still hadn't killed the lice.

I consulted both my family doctor and another from Tele-Health, but they both just recommended using the shampoo.
The same one that wasn't working.
Nonetheless, within a few days I had also spoken to enough friends who'd had similar experiences that I began to discover how to treat this problem naturally. And it worked! It's a method I still use, and quite effectively.

During the course of that same year my daughter not only contracted head lice two more times, but also passed it on to my two younger sons and...me!! We decided to meet with the school nurse as it was becoming overwhelming.
The nurse's opinion of why the lice problem was so out of control at the school was that young students liked to hug and also play in close contact with each other, as one would expect. Especially the younger girls. Therefore, it stands to reason that if all the children are not getting rid of their lice the problem will perpetuate and repeat.

To make matters worse, I also discovered that whereas a school nurse was at one time able to come in and do a school-wide screening for head lice prior to an outbreak, nowadays time and budget restrictions often prevent school nurses from being able to do a screening until there is already a suspected or evident outbreak.

And that's when I decided to take action.

I asked our school nurse if she would train some parents, like myself, and together we could do school-wide lice screenings three times a year. She agreed. 
In the first year of this program we treated about 75 students with head lice. The following year we were down to about 3 cases at the same school. Very gratifying results for all concerned.

I'm very pleased to say that I have helped dozens of families successfully rid themselves of head lice.
I want, and have the ability, to bring this success story to your family and to your school too, just as I did with my own.

--  Gina

For additional info, facts and pics concerning head lice go to this page. 


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