Here's our page for randomly important or interesting information about head lice.

Some of this will address frequently asked questions, 

and we'll keep it updated as we learn and grow together.

 Did you know?...

  • One bug is called a 'louse' (and hence where we get the word 'lousy'.)
  • Many bugs are called 'lice'.
  • A 'nit' is an egg.
  • Nits do not cause itching.
  • Lice do not travel from head to head through the air (i.e. jumping or flying), but only through direct physical contact.
  • Itching is caused by bugs crawling through the hair, and also from bites.
  • Some people don't feel anything until they are infested, whereas some itch from only one bug!
  • Pesticides found in lice shampoo can make some peoples' heads itch.
  • Pesticides can also ruin colour-treated hair.
  • Doctors very frequently misdiagnose head lice.
  • Many doctors will not have an open mind towards any other approach to treatment than chemical/pesticide shampoos.
  • Pharmacies generally only recommend the same products as doctors, the same products which have commonly been found to be extremely ineffective!
  • There are NO commonly available products that can kill nits/eggs. Nits have to be picked out!
  • Head lice are not the same thing as bed bugs.
  • Boys and men can also get head lice, although much less frequently than females.
  • Teenagers commonly get head lice too, as do 20-30 year old adults.
  • Your pet will not get head lice from you. 



  • Lice love clean hair!
  • Lice usually live about 30 days.
  • One louse can lay up to 90 eggs.
  • Eggs take about 7-10 days to hatch.
  • Lice can lay eggs when only one week old.
  • Lice can live off a person's head for two days.


Here are some actual photos from a recent session:

 The following photos are not for the squeamish!

These are from a recent treatment, 

from a single client who had perhaps the worst case of head lice we've run into yet.

We are very proud to report that we experienced 100% success in treating this very grateful person.

[All photos herein are authentic/unretouched.]


Here we have some pics with some wonderful kids at a lice party we held for a recent client.

Global TV filmed this session for their Evening News, which you can see right here



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