Toronto Head Lice Removal is pleased to announce that we are growing in order to meet the challenge of  keeping Toronto's heads free of lice!

We have recently added three very qualified and experienced practitioners to our team. Eric and Lisa have both known and worked with Gina for several years while serving on the lice-screening committee at their local school. Laurie is Gina's lifelong friend, and has worked as a trusted healthcare professional for over twenty years.

All three of our additional team members have great faith in Gina's style and method of dealing with head lice removal and will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to continue meeting your needs with a unified approach and a friendly, compassionate demeanour.

Eric's story...

Eric started head lice screening, with Gina, for an Elementary School eight years ago and has plenty of practical experience dealing with head lice both as a trusted community caregiver as well as being a parent of two children who contracted head lice. He is also an employee of the Toronto District School Board as a Lunch Room Supervisor at an Elementary School in Central Toronto.

More recently, Eric has begun working with Gina at Toronto Head Lice Removal including having taken care of all business while Gina was on vacation in July. As a representative of THLR Eric has Gina's full confidence as a skilled and very friendly addition to the team.


  • Testimonials for Eric:

Hi Gina,

Thank you so much for sending me Eric to remove our little pests. Eric came to the house quickly and started the treatment immediately. While he worked patiently, he put us all at ease with his sense of humour. 

His post-treatment advice was reasonable and holistic. I was never in favour of putting chemicals in my family's hair. Again thank you - now we feel more confident a thorough job was done.



Hi Gina    ( *Must read!!! *)

Thanks again for having Eric come to our place to check our daughter's hair.  He was great and very funny and personable!  Our daughter seemed to love him and wanted to be held by him and she played with his hair and chin etc.... it was quite funny to watch!  He seemed to enjoy her too even though she farted on him twice! lol!!  Anyway, thanks again so much!  

P.S.  Does Eric babysit?  We only go out really once in a blue moon to a movie or something on a Sunday afternoon!  Or is there anybody you could recommend?  Having a kid with special needs you don't get out much!



 Lisa's story...

Lisa has also played an important role in our school community, having given countless hours of volunteer work within various school activities and programs.

Like both Gina and Eric, Lisa has also experienced the scourge of head lice first-hand, having seen her children and husband contract them at various times. She also served on our school head lice committee and has worked diligently to eradicate head lice from our local school. 

Having treated head lice in her own way for several years Lisa is a convert to the Toronto Head Lice Removal style of treatment and has been assisting Gina in handling several client calls. She will continue to be an integral part of our team.


  • Testimonial for Lisa:

Dear Gina,

I would like to thank you for sending Lisa to our home to go through our family's hair and rid us of lice. I was panicked at the thought of having bugs not only in my children's hair but my own as well.  The first thing I did was run to the drugstore to buy the shampoo only to read the label and put it back on the shelf.  My youngest has many allergies and I did not want to risk her having a reaction to the pesticide. I started to do research online and thankfully I came across your website. Lisa was empathetic, thorough and very patient with my childern.  She also educated us about head lice, giving us knowledge to prevent a severe outbreak from happening again.

I will refer Toronto Head Lice Removal to friends and acquaintances and forward your contact information to our children's school.  Please do not hesitate to give my name as a reference.

Thank you again,


 Laurie's story...

As mentioned before Laurie is a lifelong friend of Gina's and, as such, is someone in whom Gina has a great deal of confidence on both a personal and professional level. Friendship aside, Laurie has worked as a healthcare professional in the Dental field for 23 years. Her love of children in particular has additionally drawn Laurie into a subsequent career in childcare for over seven years, including a rewarding two years spent as a live-in nanny. 

A long overdue phone-call to her friend Gina found that Laurie was looking for a new career path just as Gina was needing to train new employees whom she could trust to handle Toronto Head Lice Removal's ever-increasing workload, and now Laurie has decided to "take the plunge" and move forward in this new direction. Gina is very happy to announce Laurie as Toronto's newest lice lady!

Laurie: "Working under Gina's tutelage, I am feeling confident that I can personify the THLR philosophy. Working alongside people that care about treating clients in a healthy, compassionate manner makes 'going to work' an absolute pleasure."


  • Testimonial for Laurie:


Thank you so much for sending Laurie to our home so quickly.

She was fantastic and really knows her stuff! Her relaxed and friendly manner made us all feel more at ease with what was such a gross situation.

More importantly she got the same excellent results you had promised for my daughter's head lice problem.

Should we ever experience this trouble again I wouldn't hesitate to make you and Laurie my first call, once again! 


- Rena P.

 Skyla's story...  

(In her own words...)

"I have been working with the homeless population for almost ten years. I have also worked with families, children and youth.  

However, my passion is to work with those who are experiencing and suffering from addictions and mental health issues. Although my job has its moments that are gratifying, there are times when it can be thankless.

As a compassionate driven person who is always looking for new opportunities to learn and gain new skills in the "helping profession" I was very intrigued when my friend Laurie told me she joined the Toronto Head Lice Removal team. She would talk about the nice families she would meet and how they would tell her how grateful they are for her support and I thought this sounded pretty rewarding.

In my profession it is essential to have fundamental core skills, which include being compassionate, non-judgmental and observant. I am confident that all these skills would help folks feel more comfortable during a treatment."

  • Testimonial for Skyla:

Hi Gina,

Laurie and Skyla were at my home again this past Thursday and asked if I would mind writing a review. I am happy to do so. 

My experience with your service has been amazing. You have taken the mystery and the worry associated with head lice away. I now feel like I am ready to deal with it if and when it happens again. 

Laurie and Skyla were excellent. They were efficient and personable and we enjoyed their visits, even though they were there to remove head lice! They were re-assuring and educated us about signs, symptoms, preventative measures, and all of the steps we could take to ensure that we are lice-free. 

I highly recommend your service to anyone. My children have had lice twice, and in both cases you were at our home on the same day we called. 

Thank you again from our entire family.

- Nadia


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