Our per-visit rate:  

  • $80 for the first hour.                         Gina: 416-616-9624 (Text only please.)                                                                   
  • $50 each additional hour.

Method of payment - cash or credit card.

We accept:

*Please note:

We strongly recommend that 2 practitioners should attend treatments for large groups and families. 
This is to address the significant issue of time consumption during a visit, and is very much in the interest of serving our clients best from a time and cost standpoint.

  •  The rate for an additional practitioner is $50 for each hour.

  • Please also remember that we never leave our clients "high and dry", and that after treatment you are most welcome to call me with any questions you have, free of charge! 

  Lice Parties:

New for 2013!

We're excited to announce that we will be able to hold 'Lice Parties' now in order to serve groups of children simultaneously.

Q: What is a 'Lice Party'? 

A: It's simply a fun way to gather your friends and schoolmates (teammates, etc.) together for screenings and treatment. 

We've found that by creating a fun group environment in this way, much of the stigma your child may feel about the affliction and treatment concerning head lice can be greatly diminished. 

And besides, who doesn't love a party?     Click here to see some pics.

  Our flyer:

In the interest of saving everyone time, here is the downloadable version of the Toronto Head Lice Removal  8" x 11" flyer (in .pdf format) for you to use in your school or organization. Feel free to print and use as many as you like!

Click here to download our flyer.


We can also provide you with lice combs on request.   ($30.00 ea.)


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