Here's what some (very real!) satisfied customers have said about Toronto Head Lice Removal:

  •  My teen has had lice 6 times in the last 3 years, so I've seen a few specialists and have become knowledgeable about lice and kids.  It never really gets easier or feels "ok", no matter how many times we've had to face this issue.  

Gina not only swoops in and takes care of us with her expertise and treatment, but she makes us feel at ease about the situation and all of its social complications. She is wise and insightful.  From now on, if anyone asks me, I'm recommending Toronto Head Lice Removal with Gina - for the best service downtown!

- Signed, Annex Lice Mom


  • When Gina and my oldest children were in primary grades, head lice seemed to be a fact of life in the school. Frustrated with the constant cycle of her daughter bringing home lice and having to deal with it only to have her come home again with the little critters, Gina took action. By that time, she could spot a nit or a louse with a glance. She suggested to the school administration of the time that head lice epidemics could be drastically reduced, if not completely shut down, with well-timed vigilance. So, she asked a few parents to become part of the voluntary lice check team. Gina trained us all. We would come into the school after major holidays and literally comb through the entire school population - teachers included! At first, we found lots of families with lice. Over time, the lice checks paid off - a handful of students might have lice, then only one or two. It was a success!
As things go, the children grew and parents on the lice check team fell away from the school. My youngest is a student at the school, and I still believed that periodic lice checks kept epidemics at bay. Gina had started her company, and as a member of the School Advisory Council, I supported Gina and her team to periodically come in and comb through the school. Periodic lice checks still work to keep the lice population down at our school. Gina and her team undertake the task quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to the daily routine. Should a child be found with lice or nits, the parents are told with discretion.

Thanks Gina and Toronto Head Lice Removal!

- Liza O.   Member, Earl Beatty Senior and Junior Public School Advisory Council ]


  •  I have known Gina for 10 years and it is without hesitation I would recommend her company. Gina has spent countless hours volunteering in our community to eradicate head lice.  She is highly knowledgeable about this highly contagious parasite that has penetrated into our society without discrimination.  Many of us in our busy lives do not have the time or knowledge to properly deal with an outbreak in our homes efficiently.  Many of us out of frustration have resorted to using the pharmaceutically promoted pesticides on our children, which the lice are seemingly tolerant to.  Toronto Head Lice Removal is offering a service that is a safe, stress-free and effective way to deal with the removal of head lice from your home.

- J. Kotsopoulos


  • My partner, 3-year old son and I had tried various pharmaceutical products for a month and a half with little luck. The lice were resistant to these products. It was especially difficult to comb the nits out of my hair because it is thick and curly and there is lots of it.

I found Gina through a Google search for professional head lice treatment. She made time to comb through all of our heads the following day. Gina was very professional, and incredibly thorough and patient. She worked for several hours to carefully go through our heads one after another without taking a break. Her olive oil concoction was far more effective than anything we tried from the stores, and she gave us instructions on how to ensure that new lice didn't crawl back into our heads.

Thanks to Gina it's great to finally be lice-free after suffering with them for so long. I highly recommend her services to anybody else affected with lice.

- Vidya


  • I have extremely long hair, and that's a beautiful feature...until you've had lice living on your head for six months straight. Unfortunately I had to go through numerous treatments involving pesticides and other chemical products (which dried out my scalp), home methods such as the vinegar and mayonnaise treatment, and so forth. Nothing was working - I was about to give up and go bald! (I should mention I'm a High School student, so it's difficult to walk around school or go out with friends while having to deal with such a situation.)

I began to look up "lice removal" nearby to me and I came across this site and decided to give Gina a try. She was very patient, taking her time to carefully remove any visible signs of lice, and she used a natural safe method to help with the lice. I found Gina to be easy-going, helpful and convenient. After visiting my house one last time, she managed to successfully get rid of a problem I used to call "Mission Impossible".

Thank you once again, Gina. You're the reason I can wear my hair down again and feel so much better!!!  :)

- Josie


  • Hi Gina,

Great news - Emma was allowed back to class today!  Please thank Lisa for the wonderful job that she did.  I really appreciate that she was able to come for a second visit yesterday.  Thanks again for everything.  Next time I'm calling you on day one.

- Tammy


  • Hi Gina,
Thank you so much for having this service available. We were so relieved that you were able to get someone to our house in less than 24 hours from our call! Eric was so calm and patient with our 4 year old  Sophie and was great at explaining everything he was doing so that she wasn't scared. Sophie is of the opinion that Eric should be classified as a superhero in her favourite Spiderman cartoon.

We will definitely recommend you to friends and family, and mention your business to our school - which is where this whole nightmare started in the first place!

Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend.


Kindest Regards,

- Veronica

  • Hi Gina,

Laurie and Skyla were at my home again this past Thursday and asked if I would mind writing a review. I am happy to do so. 

My experience with your service has been amazing. You have taken the mystery and the worry associated with head lice away. I now feel like I am ready to deal with it if and when it happens again. 

Laurie and Skyla were excellent. They were efficient and personable and we enjoyed their visits, even though they were there to remove head lice! They were re-assuring and educated us about signs, symptoms, preventative measures, and all of the steps we could take to ensure that we are lice-free. 

I highly recommend your service to anyone. My children have had lice twice, and in both cases you were at our home on the same day we called. 

Thank you again from our entire family.

- Nadia

  • Hi Gina,

Just wanted to say we had a visit with Laurie and Skyla last night again, and they were wonderful!  We think all the lice are gone now and I know what to do to keep it at bay!

I've used another service in the past, and it was not as good as this. I really enjoyed working with Laurie and Skyla and they were both so nice, professional and informative.  I now am pretty confident we can get this under control - they really gave me some great tips on how to manage this! With two young girls in daycare/school, I can imagine this will be very helpful for the next few years!!

So big kudos to them for doing their job so well and to your organization, I would definitley recommend you to others. 


- Louise M.


  •  I heard about Gina through a friend in my neighbourhood, and at a very desperate time. Both of our children had become infested with lice within days of each other and you can imagine what chaos ensued because of that! Having experienced almost no relief at all from using the prescribed shampoo, I was amazed by the results of Gina's technique. She got immediate and complete results and, well, I can't recommend her services highly enough! 

- P. McTierney

You can find even more testimonials on the 'Our Team' page on this website!


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